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Welcome to Iraqi Roads!

This is the home of the tabletop game "Iraqi Roads". You can find all news about the creators latest designed stuff, armylists, rules and much more!


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Latest news:

---5.9.2007: Forum went online!

---5.9.2007: Uploaded USMC Interim Fast Attack Vehicles to the "Papersoldiers" section!

---5.9.2007: Uploaded USMC Infantry to "Papersoldiers" section. Armylist follows soon!

---5.9.2007: Uploaded fictional scenario "Siege of Basrah Continuum" by Jon Nikitas to the scenario section. Thank you Jon!

---3.9.2007: Uploaded US Army, Iraqi Insurgent, Iraqi Security Forces and JGSDF. Check out "Papersoldiers"!

---3.9.2007: Fictional scenario "Siege of Basrah" by Jonathan Nikitas online! Check out "Scenarios"! Thanks alot Jonathan!

---3.9.2007: Burnt out M1114´s online! Click on the "Papersoldiers" Button to check them out!       

---8.29.2007: Burnt out M1025 online! Click on the "Papersoldiers" Button to check them out!

---Basic Rulesset online! Click on the "Rules" Button on the left to get it for free!

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